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La Sardegna, produttori millenari d'eccellenza

Lands of granite, pure waters, the mistral wind that scatters blossoms of sea salt on the pastures, the fresh air with its wild fragrances and the warm embrace of the sun all year round, these are the secrets of authentic and genuine Sardinian food. The island of centenarians.

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Produttori sardi per Selezione Delphina

Over the years we have selected a significant number of Sardinian specialities and delicacies from our Sardinian island and we want to share some of these with you. From time to time we ourselves have been delighted with the discovery of small producers who in their daily life carry on traditions that in some cases are thousands of years old.

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Selezione Delphina

This selection is the result of years of our Sardinian hospitality experience, where offering the best is a matter of honour and pride but also and above all the natural result of our culture and identity, the result of those flavours to which we have been accustomed since young, those of our mothers or grandmothers, those made at home and those which others went to seek out in the surrounding countryside or which were brought by friends from the “far away” villages on feast days and celebrations.

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From the country near Aggius

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Carignano del Sulcis IGT 30% Discount (min 3 bottles)


Innitu Cannonau DOC

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